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by NeKo Meow

It was a secret. One of Nami's weaknesses. The things she usually hides despite the obvious crave for it. She didn't often make one every Valentine's Day, not because she wasn't interested to anything romantic, but because it only makes her hesitant to give it away. Such a weird reason. But Nami considers herself selfish when it comes to chocolate.
Now there she was supposedly interviewing the concourse participants–particularly the guys– regarding the gifts they had received from their admirers-whereas Nami eloquently avowed as fan girls. Unfortunately, there was only one person she found at the music room. A guy looking disgusted over the pile of chocolate boxes wrapped in neon colors.
"Where are the others?" Nami decided to break the silence.
"Isn't it obvious that they're not here." the guy gave a small grin at her direction. "Do you want some?" he offered.
"No thanks. I don't like sweet." Nami lied, looking away.
"That's a surprise. Most girls love chocolate, I guess." Ryotaro opened one box and sampled one of the chocolate. It was quite rude of him if he won't at least try one. He did it as consideration for their efforts. Despite that he wasn't really a sweet tooth he could still manage a few bites. "What kind of chocolates do you like? Maybe I can give you some here."

"I don't think there's something there of my taste. I'm not fond of sweet, you see."
"Likewise. And I'm not even fond of Valentine's. Although, I have this one thing i wanted to receive as a gift. But i think I won't get it."
"You're very unfortunate, Tsuchiura."
"Yes I am."
Feeling a little bit curious, Nami continued talking. "So, if ever there's someone who can give you that, what would it be?"
"I don't think anyone can give it. There's only one person who could give it to me."
"Oh, I see. Too bad."
"Not really." Ryo stood up, feeling a bit confident of himself. He opened the other boxes. "Are you sure you don't want some?"
"Nah. I only like particular brand of chocolate."
"Like? In this number of chocolate there must be something of your interest."
"I doubt it. Mostly they were homemade."
"Come on tell me?"
"I dunno, perhaps, Kisses."
Ryo looked at her direction. "I think I found one."
"Really?" in her excitement, she wasn't able to hide her joy. It was too late to take it back as the lad looked at her with an amused smile. Nami face hued bright red.
"Here, look for yourself."
Nami, being caught off guard, decided not to deny her liking for sweet anymore. She jumped at his side, surprising the man for that moment.
"I knew you're not an exception."
She pouted. "Fine, fine. I love chocolates so what?"
"Okay. I only found one, so I'm just going to give it to you."
Feeling guilty. "It's okay if you don't give it to me." Nami said.
"Nah, it's okay."
Silence followed as she hesitated for a moment. After some time of contemplating she curtly nodded her head. Why would she feel guilty? The guy has like tons of it. "I'll make it up to you some time."
"No need."
Ryotaro glanced at her direction with a smile. "This…"
He leaned forward and captured her lips with his.
Nami gasped giving him a chance to deepen the kiss. Her cheek grew redder as her heart hammered as if she ran miles for an hour. Her hand which was immobile at her side flew on his solid chest feeling his warmth.
Her eyes eventually closed, feeling the soft lips that somehow melted her inside, the sweet taste of his every kiss had already surpassed the sweetness of a chocolate. His arms enclosing her gave her the feeling of security. Somehow, Nami decided, this was sweeter than every chocolate combined.
'She was expecting Hershey's Kisses but this one is better. And she'd be very selfish of this.'
It was a secret. One of Nami's weaknesses. The things she usually hides despite the obvious crave for it. Nami considers herself selfishwhen it comes to chocolate.

Authoress Corner:
So this is just a spur-of-the-moment story I made in my phone last week. Thank you for reading.

Disclaimer: I do not own La Corda d'oro
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